Thank you for your interest in IFLRC VI & ICLGG VII - a joint conference of the 6th International Food Legumes Research Conference (IFLRC VI) and 7th International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics (ICLGG VII).

The conference includes a central scientific program and great opportunities for networking among participants. There will be many opportunities to establish new partnerships among the academic, biotech, applied and commercial agriculture communities that will have positive effects on the future of the legume industry internationally. 

The scientific program is structured around plenary talks from the world’s leading legume scientists in major important disciplines including:
  • legume genomics
  • molecular breeding
  • human nutrition
  • trait improvement
  • agronomy
  • physiology
The combined interests of ICLGG and IFLRC span the spectrum from basic legume science through consumer-driven applications.  An underlying theme of the conference is to explore scientific avenues to increase demand for legumes in a high-value market chain worldwide. Our industry has the potential to grow by focusing the latest technologies on the needs of producers and consumers. The joint meeting of IFLRC and ICLGG represents a unique opportunity to advance this goal.  
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