Lentil 454 Sequencing & SNP Discovery Project

2009 to 2011

Eleven germplasm lines were chosen for this project: CDC Milestone, CDC Redberry, CDC Robin, Eston-A, ILL 5588, ILL 8006, LC 860230-3T, L01-827A, PI 320937, IG 72815, 964a-46. Tissue was collected from multiple plants at various developmental stages for RNA extraction which led to the generation of 3'-anchored cDNA libraries using the method described in Parkin et al. (Genome 2010, 53:929–938). Each line was sequenced using the Roche 454 Titanium sequencing protocol. Sequencing reads were assembled into contigs using the NGen assembler resulting in 27,921 CDC Redberry contigs. Contigs from the other 10 lines were compared to CDC Redberry and loci which were polymorphic between CDC Redberry and at least one other line were identified resulting in 44,942 SNPs.

Research Area
Breeding & Genetics

Breeding & Genetics

Plant breeding is the art and science of changing the traits of plants in order to produce desired characteristics. Plant breeding can be accomplished through many different techniques ranging from simply selecting plants with desirable characteristics for propagation, to more complex molecular techniques. ... [more]

Related Species

Lens culinaris (Cultivated Lentil)

Breeding Objectives

  • High Yield
  • Resistance to Ascochyta Blight, Anthracnose, Stemphylium Blight and Botrytis
  • Lodging Tolerance
  • Appropriate Size, Shape, Seed Coat Colour and Quality for the following market classes of lentil: Large Green, Medium Green, Small Green, Small Red, Extra Small Red, as well as, a Few Minor Specialty Classes

Sequences, Variants & Markers
Data Type Number of Sequences Number of Variants Number of Markers
454 Sequencing 44,942*
SNP 44,942*
contig 27,921*